The Political Ideologies Don’t Serve Us Anymore

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Political ideologies no longer serve any purpose. The democracy refugees; the stream of the Western world’s disillusioned masses on the road towards nationalism and autocracy continues while the earth is suffering from a high fever. The old thought structures of class-versus-class, individual-collective, state-trade and industry have no solutions to either climate or democracy problems. We live in a society with nebulous solutions devoid of human presence and participation.

When life does not work, it all depends on you. It is your lack of adjustment, your personality, your diagnosis, your dysfunctional workplace or your poor self-confidence that create the problems and it is your medication that will make you function properly. The world has become devoid of belief, vision and a holistic view. Reduced and sanitized by science, driven by the work ethic, lit by advertising and media. In the effluence you can see graffiti, abuse, anxiety, protests and fact-despising outbursts on social media frowned upon by all the adults in the room. A prison of the soul which no-one knows who built or how to escape from.

The Western world is driven by the liberal ideological notion that if a certain percentage of the population are superior, the rest can also benefit according to the-“what-is-good-for-the-master-is-good-for-the-servants”-solution. The alternative is socialism, quite often driven by Marxism which, in a religious spirit, constantly tries to interpret the development of society with political prophecies; the revolution is at hand, be ready. Pathetic ideological tales, the roots of which do not support our human needs, but the ideologies of those who feel guilty towards other classes or groups.

Everyone goes to bed with everyone else in our super ideological oligarchy. Board members with politicians, with lobbyists, newspaper reporters, city councillors, employers and recruitment companies agencies who do not want to hear your view on societal development unless it’s a well-educated climate concern overcome by your positive outlook on life. To the question of where you want to be in two years’ time you ambitiously reply “in the boss’s chair”; you watch yourself talk about your down-to-earth hobbies, your perfect family, your exercise routine and just the right amount of investment funds. The promises of free gym membership, free parking, pizza and beer evenings in the innovative industry-designed workspace marinate your mind with endorphins. You become someone, you achieve status which makes it easier to sneak past the beggars, ignore the immigrants’ shit jobs and disconnect from the sound of the police sirens on your way home.

In the lottery of the liberal world, everyone has a chance. With the mantra of protecting society’s minorities and individuals from state interference, the cherished minority, the richest percentage, is free to dominate states as well as minorities and individuals.

In the socialistic community everything is known about the horrors of neoliberalism. For almost a hundred years, the left has reiterated that fascism is a result of the lack of a left-wing alternative. And for the same length of time it was thought that the classless society would follow the revolution. Who wants another hundred years of politically teasing analyses without considering human needs? They call themselves progressives.

The American psychologist Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes human needs using the model of a ladder:

1. The physiological ones, for example food, water, sex etc.
2  Security and safety.
3. The need for love and friendship.

The last two steps are individually conditioned. 4. Self-esteem, power and recognition
5. Self-realization; to understand oneself and one’s relationship to society or to develop spirituality.

The ideological sphere of thought, on the other hand, presupposes a conflict between individual and collective.

The needs of children develop through different phases/ hierarchical steps at different ages. An upbringing defined by a caring, safe, trustworthy and secure environment provides the best conditions for developing into an adult equipped for emotional contact, optimism, creativity, a positive outlook on life, curiosity and the capacity for learning and further development. The satisfaction of the first basic common needs, the ones oriented towards lack, charged ones, is a prerequisite for being able to “move away from home” and develop as a mature individual.

Our Western societies and ideological ideas are unable to satisfy the individual and common human needs and thereby lack public confidence.

In 2020, the lowest confidence in democracy since 1995 was measured. The trend became particularly clear from 2005 onwards. This according to a study from Cambridge University covering 154 countries. In 25 years dissatisfaction with democratic politics in the Western world has increased from one third to half of the population.

In 2020, it was found that 10% of the world’s richest population accounts for more than half of all carbon dioxide emissions.

Today, over-ideological careerists populate governments and newsrooms, spreading green-wash and populist solutions. They are community managers whose upward-soaring CVs resemble race tracks with Davos, a ministerial post or a residence in the nearest gated community the finishing line.

People have common human needs; collective and individual. Food, water, sex, security, community, personal development, creativity, integrity and dignity. They must be redeemed in their entirety, not ideologized to pieces or reduced by realists. The human chronicle must be written as the story of the whole human. Of hearts in captivity which, in the story, are liberated by human activists; ideologically immune warriors with their comfort zone in the future. Warriors who, like time travellers, suddenly appear, shattering the illusions, breaking the superficial tensions, and letting the lava of the primitive human flow, incinerating everything that does not serve a planetary and human metamorphosis.

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